This is a long list of applications that I highly recommend. If you have better alternatives or some must-have apps you want to recommend, leave a comment!


I will introduce more than 70 applications below. These apps will fit different people’s needs depending on stuff they do. But I also have a list of must-haves that will generally benefit everyone using a mac.

  1. If you own Mac, iPhone and iPad, you should not give up the advantage of the advantage of syncing your data across these devices. Apple’s stock apps usually have this capability.

    Such as Safari, you can sync your bookmarks, that’s a basic one, and also sync your tabs. You can see what tabs are opened on any mac and iOS device you own, and open or close it from anywhere. Similar for Reminders, Notes, Photos.

  2. Now comes the list:

  • Bartender: keep your menu bar clean.
  • Flux screen: reduce the blue light from your screen, for a better sleep.
  • iStat Menus: display your CPU, memory and disk usage.
  • MagicanRest: remind you to take a break from time to time. The first wealth is health.
  • PopClip: tool tip for selected text.
  • Tuxera: for NTFS support.
  • Keka: for all types of compressed file. (there are other alternatives, but you must install one of them.)


I prefer Safari to all the other browsers. If you want to test the new features that’s in beta, there is a preview version available.

Safari Extension


This extension tracks your time spent on websites. It’s pretty inaccurate, since the page you opened for the longest time isn’t the page watched for the longest time. But what it provides is still useful in my opinion.


Bartender will save you from your overflowed menu-bar items. It gives you another menu bar where you can put most of your menu-bar apps.

Flux screen

The night-shift for your Mac. Turn the screen more yellow-ish at night.


Keeps your Mac from sleep mode. I don’t know why don’t I just turn of auto sleep in the system preferences.

iStat Menus

Displays your Mac’s disk, CPU, memory, network usage, etc.


Move and zoom the windows for you.


Keeps your paste history. It sounds like a smart idea, but I found myself not use it very often, and the sound effect is annoying.


Display a tooltip when you select text. Very handy and hassle-free. Tons of useful extensions and you can make your own. Some extensions that I installed are: Append, Sort, Title Case, Say, PDF highlight.


Adds an icon in your menu bar, and displays the calendar for you.


Sleeps your Mac for you after a period of time you set.


Reminds you to take a rest repeatedly. Use it if you regularly sitting in front of your Mac.


App Cleaner

If you want to delete an app, drag it to the trash may not be enough. There are some settings, configurations or supporting files left. App cleaner will search that for you when you need to.


Use your iPad (or iPhone if you want) as a second screen.


Wrapper for your favorite web application.


Turns your Mac into a airplay display. For example, you can cast your iPhone’s screen wirelessly to your Mac.


Tracks your packages. It has iOS app and notification center plugins.

Path Finder

The ultimate version of Finder. Has a lot of power user features if you prefer.

Tuxera Disk Manager

Adds NTFS writing ability to your Mac. It’s useful when you have some portable hard disk that shares with windows Machines.


BitTorrent client.

Hider 2

A safe for your files. Encrypt your files and hide them from the other files.

Splash Streamer

splashtop-icon splashtopstreamer-icon

Under the same local network (or remotely if you pay them), stream your Mac’s screen with keyboard and mouse control to your iPad or iPhone, or it is also possible to do it between your PC and Mac.


Another streamer. But remote streaming is free for personal users.


Open source file archiver.


Record gif and automatically upload to cloud.



Among all the todo list apps, this one has a good balance between complexity and simplicity.


One of the simpler todo list app.



Messaging app with a lot of integretion of other services such as github, gif pictures, google drive.

Sublime Text

Used it for years, and it just works. A lot of plugins make life so much easier.

Atom, Brackets, Visual Studio Code

atom-icon brackets-icon vscode-icon

The other text editors, all made using javascript. Hard to say which one is better, just pick one if you want. Or you can choose by the company behind them(Facebook, Adobe, Microsoft)


I use it as a more general text editor, especially when dealing with encoding convertion.


Collects documentation for you. Helpful when you need to code offline.


mamp-icon ampps-icon

LAMP development equivelant for OS X. I prefer MAMP Pro, but AMPPS is fine and free.


A GUI of sass, coffeescript compiler plus image optimization and browser auto refresh. You can acheve all of these from terminal but it is easier.


If anyone is still using SVN, this one is good.


FTP client.


Awesome Git client.


If you use terminal, you need oh-my-zsh.


Reduces the size of your image but remains the quality. Useful for web developers.


Tracks your time. Generating invoices feature is useful if you do freelance.

Parallels Desktop

Vritual Machine software. The only disadvantage is it is expansive and the company version bump the software every year but the support lasts only 2 years?


Simple Comic

If you read comics or generally images in a folder or a zip file, this makes it easy.


Put everything you want to read or collect in the pocket. And forget about it and never read it again(joking).


When RSS is still a thing, this is a very good rss reader. (RSS never die)


iA Writer

Markdown editor, but it focuses on general writing. (Not the best for programmers.)


Good markdown editor. Has all that you want.


Markdown editor for developers. Has collaborating and publishing features. The interface is not perfect though.

Day One 2

Good for daily journal. Syncs with iOS app. Supports markdown.



Easier to use than PhotoShop.


Open source graph drawing software. Software wire frame, mock ups, or UML diagrams and flowcharts.


Beautiful mindnode graphs.



Free, cross platform, good performance.


Lighter version of MediBang.

Clip Studio Paint

If you know SAI for windows, this is a good alterative for Mac users.

AV (Audio & Video)


Best music management software on OS X. If you don’t use it, try to. If you care about Lossless Music, try AppleLossless format. Use XLD to transcode.


Best audio player.


Third party client. Say goodbye to flash.

Blu-ray Player

If you have a Blu-ray driver connected to your Mac, you will need a player, and this is the player.


If you need to backup your blu-ray collections, you need this ripper.


HandBrake is a tool for converting video from nearly any format to a selection of modern, widely supported codecs.


X Lossless Decoder(XLD) is a tool for Mac OS X that is able to decode/convert/play various ‘lossless’ audio files.


My favorite video player.


I’ve used MplayerX for a long time, until one day I have some issue that I couldn’t find a fix.


Open source player.


Open source broadcasting tool.



KanColle specific browser, if you know what it is. Open source, cross-platform.


Actions Server Quadro

Actions was good. Quadro is expensive. Turn your iPad into a panel of shortcuts for your Mac.

Thank You

for reading such a long list. I assure you it is worth reading.